An Arab story

The s'baa clan of syria

1995 - 2011

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We are excited to share our plans for our next exhibition, featuring photographs by Megumi Yoshitake.
Early in her career as a Japanese journalist photographer from Tokyo, she developed a strong passion for the life of Bedouins in Syrian desert. In 1995 she has been visiting the S'Baa Clan, the Bedouins of the Syrian desert. "An Arab Story" is an exhibition of photographs depicting the S'Baa Clan's lives from 1995 to 2011.
The exhibition will open on Thursday August 2nd at 6pm, and will run until August 29th, 2018. To close the exhibition, we will host a book signing and panel discussion on Wednesday, August 29th at 6pm focusing on themes of freedom, home, love over hate, and strength of Syrian women.



We are pleased to announce that the Opening Reception on Thursday August 2nd will include

With a Multicultural Ensemble
(Japanese, Arabic, Zimbabwe, and American)

8:30pm onwards

ACT - 1
Nora Balaban - Mbira
Rima Fand - Violin
Boone Kwon - Guitar

ACT - 2
Lulla Layla - Tanbur
Rino Aise - Sanshin
Hiroshi Kono - Guitar

Celebrating the Oneness Amongst Us


Opening Reception on Thursday, August 2nd 2018 at 6 pm

Book Signing and Panel Discussion on Wednesday, August 29th 2018 at 6pm