Fritz DesRoches

Fritz DesRoches - was born in Port au Prince, Haiti.  He grew up in Boston, Massachusetts.  After completed 20 years in the US Army, he retired and stayed nearly 30 years in Germany.  In February 2013, he returned to the USA.  He is a member of the Torpedo Factory Art Association in Alexandria, Virginia.  
Techniques:  Oil and Airbrush – Oil technique: He mostly painted with a palette knife, rendered a heavy coat of oil on canvas.  Airbrush technique:  Since 1989 he has self-taught in this technique.  It is a mixed of the airbrush and the paint brush airbrushing on canvas.
Motives:  Scenery somewhere in the Caribbean, mainly Haiti, landscape, seascape and photo realism.  His paintings show a small element of colorful Haitian art.  A vibrant example of the Caribbean folks in many vast aspects of everyday life.  They show an extreme overstretched of the limbs and at the same time maintain a proportional balance of these limbs.  The way of living of these folks fascinate him the he developed this unique style.  He transfers this nostalgia into a canvas full of intensive colors, movements and happiness.
Exhibitions:  Throughout Germany, US and France