Samuel "Sammo" Augustin

Gina Samson’s artwork is influenced by the rich cultural heritage and vibrant colors of the Caribbean, as well as the New York City urban environment.  After showing interest in the arts at a young age, she enrolled in her High School’s art program and participated in shows and competitions.   She regularly exhibits in the New York Metropolitan area, and her work is featured in several corporate and private collections.

In her view, artwork reflects the importance of creation and imagination in everyone’s life.  Working primarily in painting, collage and drawing, she aims to create works that incite reflection, and bring to the viewer an appreciation of the pride, resilience and cultural achievements of the African diaspora. 

Currently her work explores the interplay of music and the visual arts: “This series focuses on the relationship between the two art forms, and is linked to the fact that I most often listen to jazz while I am working; jazz has been the "soundtrack" of this production.   While jazz performers exhibit a lot of spontaneity on stage, this apparent lightness belies the structure, tight collaboration, interplay and give and take between the musicians.  The musical conversation of traditional jazz follows established patterns, and is the result of a delicate balance of mastery in the use of instruments and judicious affinities in style and expression.”  

Workshops and classes:
- Art Students League
- Fashion Institute of Technology
- New York University School of Continuing Education