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Special Debut Screening of "The Apologizers"

  • Gallery AWA 61 Greenpoint Avenue #306 Brooklyn, NY, 11222 United States (map)

Two mysterious men wearing identical suits, coats and even glasses walk into a restaurant. Are they assassins? Secret government agents?  The IRS? No, they are the Apologizers. You made some mistakes? A business deal is about to crash? Don’t worry. Call the Apologizers for big or small businesses, even domestic disputes. There is no place they will not go. They will show up with their ultimate sincerity and apologize from the bottom of their hearts……….. for you.
Award winning director, Yasu Suzuki is making his third short film, The Apologizers  with the incredible team of creators, Producer, Kosuke Furukawa (UGUISU, directing), cinematographer, David Cavallo (Jodorowsky’s Dune), Actors Akira Takayama (Snow Falling on Cedars), and Jun Kim (Kutsukake Tokijiro). The Apologizers is a Film Noir style dark comedy drama that will take you to the under world of out-sourcing businesses.

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