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A History of the Irish in Greenpoint: A talk by Geoffrey Cobb in association with the New York Irish History Roundtable

Gallery AWA presents a talk on Greenpoint’s Irish History. Although Greenpoint is largely known as a historically polish area, there all tell tale signs in the landscape that point to an Irish past - names like McGuinness Boulevard and McCarren park point to Greenpoint’s forgotten Irish history. Originally coming from Ireland to work in the docklands, Greenpoint once housed a substantial Irish working class community.

Hear stories about Irish American characters who shaped the landscape such as Greenpoint’s first family - the tug boat kings from Co. Antrim - the McAllister family and Peter McGuinness - the last Tammany Hall style ward boss - a beloved political figure who ruled Greenpoint for decades, as well as stories about legendary Irishmen and women such as revolutionary leader Thomas Clarke who lived in Greenpoint for a time before making their way home to Ireland.

The New York Irish History Roundtable is an organisation that promotes interest in and exploration of the 300-year history of people of Irish heritage in New York City, with a focus on discovering family history and encouraging historical understanding. Find out more about their events and work here

Gallery AWA is delighted to welcome back Geoffrey Cobb, who will be giving this talk. Mr. Cobb has been a history teacher in the New York City Public School system for more than two decades.  Presently teaching at the High School for Service and Learning on the famous Erasmus Hall campus, he is also a prominent local historian, walking tour guide and the author of two books; Greenpoint’s Forgotten Past - the first history of the area published in almost a century and The King of Greenpoint a biography of Irish American political leader Peter J. McGuinness. 

Listen to Geoffrey talk to Dr. Miriam Nyhan about Greenpoint’s Irish History on Glucksman Ireland House NYU Radio Hour here