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Sugar & Suffering: The North Brooklyn Chapter by Geoffrey Cobb

Sugar & Suffering: The North Brooklyn Chapter is a talk by Geoffrey Cobb on the impact of sugar refining in Brooklyn and the legacy it has left behind.

Geoffrey Cobb is a twenty-two year Greenpoint resident, high school social studies teacher and author of the first book on local history " Greenpoint Brooklyn's Forgotten Past."  In addition to leading local walking tours and blogging on Greenpoint history Mr. Cobb will shortly publish his second book" King of Greenpoint" on the life of local political legend Peter McGuinness. 

North Brooklyn was for many years the largest area of sugar refining in the world. Sugar refining altered the landscape as huge refineries sprung up along the East River. Sugar refining created great wealth, but also led to great suffering and violent strikes as the workers demanded better conditions. Sugar has a huge legacy in North Brooklyn, but the topic has not received the attention it is due. 

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