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Jorge Cruz

Jorge Cruz is a Mexican born, Greenpoint-based conceptual artist who sees himself as a cultural provocateur. He is interested in creating art that reflects the times we live inβ€” in the case of The Phantom Wall, the politics driving a populist and nativist agenda. He finds poetic resonance in the physical and conceptual significance of walls.  Jorge conceives of the current social and political rhetoric born from America's rampant xenophobia as a marker of what may lurk deep within our psyches; it reflects the pervasiveness of prejudice that is driving a collective subconscious.

In embracing the construction of walls that divide and delineate, are we not posturing towards a subconscious desire to dehumanize, marginalize, and segregate our fellow human beings? Jorge Cruz intends to mechanize the communicative power of visual art to encourage everyone to consider their own mental walls- and what each of us may do to tear these walls down.