Sacred Luminosity: Featured Art


AWA- Sacred Luminosity-Aditi.jpg

Medium: Wood, Brass, Bone, Horn, Porcelain
Dimensions: 52” x 28” x 28”  
Price: $7,500

Among the most ancient of the gods of India, Aditi is first among the mothers of the universe, the primordial goddess, the one beyond censure, the blameless. She is embodied virtue, nurture, and Luminosity. Aditi is mother to the magnificent Adityas, numbering usually eight in the Veda and twelve in later Hinduism, she births from her limitless the most essential forms of all that can be seen and all that remains unseen. Flowing like  beginning less streams, free from guile and prevarication, Aditi is Devamata, the veritable mother of the gods who encompass the zodiac as it stretches and spins across the vault of the sky. Primal, Creative, free, Aditi is more than mother earth, she is also Father Sky, and more than any single identity could enrich.