Sacred Luminosity: Featured Art


Medium: Wood, Metal, Glass, Twine
Dimensions: 42” x 21” 
Price: $6,000

A protector of life and purveyor of death, Arianrhod carries the soul by her wheel (rhod, Celtic, rad, German, cognate to rotary, English) to the moon from whence the journey to afterlife and rebirth begins again. As an archetypal mother, she is the Goddess of the Silver Wheel, a priestess and heroine whose love and care is meant not only to provide in this world but through whatever passages and turns we take. She presides over the north, the direction that leads us to the eternal, the steady marker of the star that does not vary, and so away from the pernicious qualities of the limited and mortal. Her consort is the Sky, Nwyyre, is not unlike his Vedic counterpart, Dyaus, and so Arianrhod’s close connection to earth but also to moon, stars, and the spinning, moving, rotating heavens.