Sacred Luminosity: Featured Art


Medium: Wood, Brass, Wire, Bamboo
Dimensions: 40” x 20” x 16”
Price: $4,500

Danu is an archetype of an ancient Celtic mother goddess deeply connected to earth, water, and fecundity.  Even her name must be reconstructed from the depths of language: fanciful etymology may connect her to a tribe of a comparable name and to the proton-Info-European verb meaning to flow, to run.  But it is more likely Danu is an emblem of goodness and dignity, a symbol of value and worth, a goddess whose now buried identity appears in our moral efforts to enclose and envelop ourselves in protection and virtue. While her history is now largely buried in an unrecoverable chasm where facts fail us, her paradigm takes us to a prototypical goddess, creating the standard for the pre-Christian Irish notions of power and encircling goodness forming a model of pure love.