Sacred Luminosity: Featured Art

Devi Kavaca

Medium: Wood, Brass, Wire, Iron
Dimensions: 36” x 20” x 20”  

The great goddess is often referred to by her simplest name, Devi. She is truly the divine, her name etymologically connected to the same ancient linguistic roots that mean to illuminate, to shine, to elucidate. she burns with the heat of blazing self-coruscation and with that same power of bedazzling beauty she protects and shields us from darkness.  Her kavaca is that shielding power, her aegis that provides the buffer and the boundary is her deepest desire for our material security and spiritual assurance.  Devi’s kavaca is what stands between ourselves and everything we hope, desire, and need to live long and prosper. with her Kavaca we know we have the resources of protection, shelter, and, most importantly, spiritual refuge.