Sacred Luminosity: Featured Art


Medium: Wood, Brass, Steel, Silk
Dimensions: 37” x 17” x 12” 
Price: $4,800

Lagertha bridges mortal and immortal worlds as a heroine and goddess of the Celts and Norse. She is their most renowned warrioress, the redoubtable shield maiden whose powerful womanhood is never mistaken for weakness. It is in the oxymoron of a feminine virility and masculine muliebrity in which Lagertha reveals a heart burnished by the fires of battle and a countenance of matchless spirit. She is dark and light, fire and ice, the embrace of paradoxical power that holds the space of in-between, behind, and in front. She is attack and counter-attack and in her wild hair there is mercy for the good and justice meted out for every deserved indiscretion. Lagertha is the purest Celtic and Norse heart and in her we see the archetype of the true heroine.