Sacred Luminosity: Featured Art


Medium: Wood, Brass
Dimensions: 21” x 8” x 8” 

The great goddess Lakshmi is so ubiquitous, so essential to the Hindu worldview that she spans across every sectarian tradition. We find her emergent from Vishnu as his beloved consort and as Shiva’s auspicious Sri who confers upon him the gifts of empowered partnership. She holds a place of Preeminence as the archetypal Hindu image of wealth, good fortune, and exquisite beauty. The lotus flower she holds is the ever-emergent potency of indomitable power and purposeful awakening; her elegant posture, dress, and ornamentation instantiate an incomparable dignity and bearing. Lakshmi’s name means “mark,” “characteristic,” “sign,” and “token.” She not only represents all that is worthy because her name means “symbol,” she brings into being, into expression the power of grace, charm, and irrevocable splendor.