Sacred Luminosity: Featured Art


Medium: Wood, Vine, Lead Wire, Steel
Dimensions: 56” x 32” x 10”  
Price: $5,700

A god, a giant, a goddess, a trickster, Loki is a character of so many forms and archetypes that his Celtic & Norse origins are but another misdirection and expression of his playful, dangerous nature. To say that Loki is complex is to say too little. To say that he is even just a he, is to say too much.There is something comic and sad, gentle and dangerous, harmonious and dissonant about this paradox of consciousness that comes to visit each of us in our waking and dreaming lives. Loki is all things beautiful and horrific because the one becomes more meaningful and more powerful for the other. Standing tall and thin, Loki is also a depth of character that envelops the artist, the jewel thief, and the giant.