Sacred Luminosity: Featured Art

Manasa Devi

Medium: Wood, Brass, Silk, Steel
Dimensions: 18” x 8” x 8”  
Price: $2,100

Manasa Devi is a Hindu goddess of  deeply recondite power, a keeper of shadows, a healer of poisons and wounds, she is the protectress of all we fear and form of our every secret. Associated with the serpents, she is called as well by her name Ahi, which takes us directly to the German word angst and our English “anxiety.” But as Manasa she connects heart to mind and temporal existence with boundless depths of spirituality. Her brother is the Endless, the serpentine Ananta upon whom Vishnu sleeps, the wife of the great souled sage Jaratkaru and mother of the sage Astika, whose name reflects his mother’s love: Affirmation. Manasa is worshiped as the healer of snake bite and as the protector from venom of every kind.  But above all she is the keeper of secrets and the place in the heart where we can find our deepest resource of love in the face of everything mortality may bring.