Sacred Luminosity: Featured Art


AWA- Sacred Luminosity-Morrigan.jpg

Medium: Wood, Marble, Brass, Iron, Antler
Dimensions: 19” x 23” x 12”  

The Great Queen of Irish mythos, Morrigan, sometimes tells us what lies ahead and what the past has decided for us. She is fate itself and appears in any form she wishes, particularly images of the shadow on the battle field, the crow above calling out to foretell doom, death, and future fortune. She fractures herself and becomes three self-similar aspects, all of whom as sisters describe her connection to the land, to wealth in the form of cattle, and the power of the sovereign queen to decide the terms of life and death. She has important archetypal parallels in Celtic and Hindu mythologies where she can be likened to the Valkyries and to the many forms of Kali-Durga.