Sacred Luminosity: Featured Art

Shiva Shakti

Medium: Wood, Hom, Brass, Iron, Steel, Copper, Antler
Dimensions: 29” x 18” x 8”

It is said that the Great God Maheśvara is but a corpse without his Goddess Shakti, for She is His power and the perfect reflection of His own Illumination. It is in this play of illumination and reflection, what is called in Sanskrit Prakaśa and Vimarśa, that the great game of the universe is played in their love play, their dice games, and in the contests of intimacy that reveal the one to the other the value-added truths of relationship. Their abundance together is as much a matter of their conflict as it is their indissoluble commitment. What we see with Shiva-Shakti is a compound in which the sum is always greater than the parts and the place each holds for the other adds up to more than any imagination, including their own, could fathom.