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Sacred Luminosity: Mystic Mbira Trance - A Shona Ceremonial Gathering

As part of The Lumiere Series: Sacred Luminosity Exhibition, Gallery AWA Presents:

MYSTIC MBIRA TRANCE - A ceremonial gathering
w/ mbira master, Chartwell Dutiro & friends

When: Wednesday May 24 2017 7PM - Onwards

Shona mbira music from Zimbabwe is one of the most soulful sounds on the African continent. Mbira (the name of the instrument and the music) is mystical music which has been played for over a thousand years. Originally used in spirit possession ceremonies, the iron-pronged mbira, produces music, rhythmically charged enough to keep people dancing through all-night ceremonies. It is believed that the beauty of the music attracts the ancestors’ spirits. Join us for an evening of ceremonial mbira music, a gathering to connect us with our ancestors. Immerse yourself in Zimbabwean culture!

If you can talk
You can sing
If you can walk
You can dance
Or you just sit
And reflect to the intricate beauty of the music

Chartwell Dutiro - mbira, vocals
Shorai Dutiro - mbira, vocals
Nora Balaban - mbira, vocals