The Phantom Wall

PhantomwallpostcardFINAL16AUG17 2.png

Jorge Cruz is excited to collaborate with Gallery AWA in presenting his new exhibition, The Phantom Wall; The Pervasive Politics of Prejudice. Gallery AWA has curated this exhibition with Jorge as part of its commitment to exhibiting art that encourages discourse on socially relevant topics.

The Phantom Wall is a wall made of light that represents the walls we carry inside our heads, the lighting designed by Greenpoint-based AWA Lighting Designers.  The installation stands as a physical and ideological symbol of division and personal stagnation.  

The Phantom Wall is intended to open discussions about both physical walls and the invisible walls that reside inside our heads. It aims to facilitate dialogue about the ways that we are divided from one and other.

Often we talk about physical walls, but neglect to consider the invisible walls lurking within our own psyches. These mental walls may manifest in the forms of prejudices, bigotry, biases, and detrimental labels intended to dehumanize, marginalize, and segregate our fellow human beings.

Walls can provide us safety and security, but they can also divide us and isolate us. People have a tendency to build imaginative walls that isolate and divide; negatively stressing our differences rather than embracing our similarities. The Phantom Wall reminds us that our mental walls keep us from understanding each other.

As a cultural metaphor, the Phantom Wall advocates open communication across societal barriers. As a personal metaphor, the Phantom Wall encourages all of us to reject the isolationist mentalities that segregate us from one and other.  Jorge Cruz and Gallery AWA are delighted to collaborate on realizing a physical representation and discursive space for a topic matter that is unfortunately of utmost social pertinence, and would like to invite the public to engage in this discussion upon The Phantom Wall’s opening, October 7th.