Sacred Luminosity: Featured Art


Medium: Wood, Brass, Bone, Horn, Porcelain
Dimensions: 52” x 28” x 28”  
Price: $7,500

Among the most ancient of the gods of India, Aditi is first among the mothers of the universe, the primordial goddess ,the one beyond censure, the blameless. She is embodied virtue, nurture, and Luminosity. Aditi is mother to the magnificent Adityas, numbering usually eight in the Veda and twelve in later Hinduism, she births from her limitless the most essential forms of all that can be seen and all that remains unseen. Flowing like  beginning less streams, free from guile and prevarication, Aditi is Devamata, the veritable mother of the gods who encompass the zodiac as it stretches and spins across the vault of the sky. Primal, Creative, free, Aditi is more than mother earth, she is also Father Sky, and more than any single identity could enrich.


Medium: Wood, Metal, Glass, Twine
Dimensions: 42” x 21” 
Price: $6,000

A protector of life and purveyor of death, Arianrhod carries the soul by her wheel (rhod, Celtic, rad, German, cognate to rotary, English) to the moon from whence the journey to afterlife and rebirth begins again. As an archetypal mother, she is the Goddess of the Silver Wheel, a priestess and heroine whose love and care is meant not only to provide in this world but through whatever passages and turns we take. She presides over the north, the direction that leads us to the eternal, the steady marker of the star that does not vary, and so away from the pernicious qualities of the limited and mortal. Her consort is the Sky, Nwyyre, is not unlike his Vedic counterpart, Dyaus, and so Arianrhod’s close connection to earth but also to moon, stars, and the spinning, moving, rotating heavens.


Medium: Wood, Brass, Bone, Horn
Dimensions: 23” x 17” x 9” 
Price: $4,500

The Luminary of the sky, Brigid is rare among goddesses to appear as the sun and as fire.  These are forms usually reserved for masculine encoded images but here, in true Irish countenance, appear to heal and craft blessings that guard life itself she is the poetess and the keeper of the hearth, protector of lands and deep in her fires holds the well-spring of every joy.  Her name means “exaltation” and her nature is our most cherished self.


Medium: Wood, Brass, Wire, Bamboo
Dimensions: 40” x 20” x 16”
Price: $4,500

Danu is an archetype of an ancient Celtic mother goddess deeply connected to earth, water, and fecundity.  Even her name must be reconstructed from the depths of language: fanciful etymology may connect her to a tribe of a comparable name and to the proton-Info-European verb meaning to flow, to run.  But it is more likely Danu is an emblem of goodness and dignity, a symbol of value and worth, a goddess whose now buried identity appears in our moral efforts to enclose and envelop ourselves in protection and virtue. While her history is now largely buried in an unrecoverable chasm where facts fail us, her paradigm takes us to a prototypical goddess, creating the standard for the pre-Christian Irish notions of power and encircling goodness forming a model of pure love.

Devi Kavaca

Medium: Wood, Brass, Wire, Iron
Dimensions: 36” x 20” x 20”  
Price: $4,800 SOLD

The great goddess is often referred to by her simplest name, Devi. She is truly the divine, her name etymologically connected to the same ancient linguistic roots that mean to illuminate, to shine, to elucidate. she burns with the heat of blazing self-coruscation and with that same power of bedazzling beauty she protects and shields us from darkness.  Her kavaca is that shielding power, her aegis that provides the buffer and the boundary is her deepest desire for our material security and spiritual assurance.  Devi’s kavaca is what stands between ourselves and everything we hope, desire, and need to live long and prosper. with her Kavaca we know we have the resources of protection, shelter, and, most importantly, spiritual refuge.


Medium: Wood, Brass, Porcelain, Steel, Antler, Horn, Wire
Dimensions: 22” x 16” x 8”
Price: $3,600

Freya’s origins in Celtic and Norse mythology are far more ancient than her mention in the 13th century Poetic Edda and other sagas from Iceland.  she is a goddess of love and sex, beauty and sorcery, or war, death, and the afterlife.  Like a true warrior she drives a chariot, hers pulled by cats, a wild boar at her side, wearing falcon feathers, symbolic of the recursions that bring together between sex and life and death.  She is of noble lineage and extended relationships with the gods, the heroes and heroines, the patron of the battle hungry and battle weary.  Her love is inimitable and stalwart but her temper unchecked and unimpeded by any force other than her own will.  She surrenders to no one and willingly carries half our souls with her on the soul’s journeys through the heavens.  Freya is a force to be reckoned with and the one will need when no other will suffice. 


Medium: Wood, Brass, Steel, Silk
Dimensions: 37” x 17” x 12” 
Price: $4,800

Lagertha bridges mortal and immortal worlds as a heroine and goddess of the Celts and Norse. She is their most renowned warrioress, the redoubtable shield maiden whose powerful womanhood is never mistaken for weakness. It is in the oxymoron of a feminine virility and masculine muliebrity in which Lagertha reveals a heart burnished by the fires of battle and a countenance of matchless spirit. She is dark and light, fire and ice, the embrace of paradoxical power that holds the space of in-between, behind, and in front. She is attack and counter-attack and in her wild hair there is mercy for the good and justice meted out for every deserved indiscretion. Lagertha is the purest Celtic and Norse heart and in her we see the archetype of the true heroine. 


Medium: Wood, Brass
Dimensions: 21” x 8” x 8” 
Price: $3,000 SOLD

The great goddess Lakshmi is so ubiquitous, so essential to the Hindu worldview that she spans across every sectarian tradition. We find her emergent from Vishnu as his beloved consort and as Shiva’s auspicious Sri who confers upon him the gifts of empowered partnership. She holds a place of Preeminence as the archetypal Hindu image of wealth, good fortune, and exquisite beauty. The lotus flower she holds is the ever-emergent potency of indomitable power and purposeful awakening; her elegant posture, dress, and ornamentation instantiate an incomparable dignity and bearing. Lakshmi’s name means “mark,” “characteristic,” “sign,” and “token.” She not only represents all that is worthy because her name means “symbol,” she brings into being, into expression the power of grace, charm, and irrevocable splendor.


Medium: Wood, Vine, Lead Wire, Steel
Dimensions: 56” x 32” x 10”  
Price: $5,700

A god, a giant, a goddess, a trickster, Loki is a character of so many forms and archetypes that his Celtic & Norse origins are but another misdirection and expression of his playful, dangerous nature. To say that Loki is complex is to say too little. To say that he is even just a he, is to say too much.There is something comic and sad, gentle and dangerous, harmonious and dissonant about this paradox of consciousness that comes to visit each of us in our waking and dreaming lives. Loki is all things beautiful and horrific because the one becomes more meaningful and more powerful for the other. Standing tall and thin, Loki is also a depth of character that envelops the artist, the jewel thief, and the giant.

Manasa Devi

Medium: Wood, Brass, Silk, Steel
Dimensions: 18” x 8” x 8”  
Price: $2,100

Manasa Devi is a Hindu goddess of  deeply recondite power, a keeper of shadows, a healer of poisons and wounds, she is the protectress of all we fear and form of our every secret. Associated with the serpents, she is called as well by her name Ahi, which takes us directly to the German word angst and our English “anxiety.” But as Manasa she connects heart to mind and temporal existence with boundless depths of spirituality. Her brother is the Endless, the serpentine Ananta upon whom Vishnu sleeps, the wife of the great souled sage Jaratkaru and mother of the sage Astika, whose name reflects his mother’s love: Affirmation. Manasa is worshiped as the healer of snake bite and as the protector from venom of every kind.  But above all she is the keeper of secrets and the place in the heart where we can find our deepest resource of love in the face of everything mortality may bring.


Medium: Wood, Marble, Brass, Iron, Antler
Dimensions: 19” x 23” x 12”  
Price: $4,500 SOLD

The Great Queen of Irish mythos, Morrigan, sometimes tells us what lies ahead and what the past has decided for us. She is fate itself and appears in any form she wishes, particularly images of the shadow on the battle field, the crow above calling out to foretell doom, death, and future fortune. She fractures herself and becomes three self-similar aspects, all of whom as sisters describe her connection to the land, to wealth in the form of cattle, and the power of the sovereign queen to decide the terms of life and death. She has important archetypal parallels in Celtic and Hindu mythologies where she can be likened to the Valkyries and to the many forms of Kali-Durga.


Medium: Wood, Brass, Marble, Garnet
Dimensions: 10” x 7” x 7”

The beloved of Krishna, Radha is here Queen Radha, or Radharani. A goddess of delicate beauty but fierce affection, she is the song that the Dark Lord Krishna sings from the deepest places of the heart. The maiden who loved Him by the riverside within the Tamala forest is also seated beside Him on a throne worthy of her beauty and grace. Though she suffers Krishna’s penetration into human frailty, she shares with him the divine embrace that brings the immortal into mortal form. Radharani sustains the delicate balance of intimacy that demands both vulnerability and intractable devotion.

Shiva Kavaca

Medium: Wood, Marble, Brass, Steel, Rubber
Dimensions: 15” x 27” x 13”
Price: $3,600

While Shiva needs no protection he wears kavaca as a kind of armor and mail so that we might enjoy the splendor of his graceful dance, self-cultivated dignity, and peerless authority. He is, after all, the Auspicious One and with these “coverings,” as the kavaca are called, Shiva conceals and reveals, allows the recondite and the explicit to cohabit the same world, and presents to us an exquisite opportunity to confront ourselves if we accept the invitation to go further and deeper than we have ever gone before.

Shiva Shakti

Medium: Wood, Hom, Brass, Iron, Steel, Copper, Antler
Dimensions: 29” x 18” x 8”
Price: $4,500 SOLD    

It is said that the Great God Maheśvara is but a corpse without his Goddess Shakti, for She is His power and the perfect reflection of His own Illumination. It is in this play of illumination and reflection, what is called in Sanskrit Prakaśa and Vimarśa, that the great game of the universe is played in their love play, their dice games, and in the contests of intimacy that reveal the one to the other the value-added truths of relationship. Their abundance together is as much a matter of their conflict as it is their indissoluble commitment. What we see with Shiva-Shakti is a compound in which the sum is always greater than the parts and the place each holds for the other adds up to more than any imagination, including their own, could fathom.

Silver Kali

Medium: Vine, Marble, Steel, Lead Wire, Porcelain
Dimensions: 16” x 15” x 12” 
Price: $4,000

When Kali appears to those who love her from the depths of being, She rewards them with beauty and wonder, concealed and revealed in tarnished silver as the form of her symbolic blessing. Her inner machinations appear vividly so that we are at once awed and drawn closer to her affectionate heart. She is bangled and marked as the auspicious empowerment that invites every creature to love the gift of life.      

White Kali

Medium: Marble, Lead, Plastic, Steel, Silver, String
Dimensions: 23” x 16” x 11”  
Price: $4,000

In a foment of danger and abundance Kali emerges from darkness into light bearing all of her weapons and symbols of innate power. Her inner resources are innumerable and her gifts of protection and refuge a constant source of solace for her devotees. She makes her own the power that others would not dare embody and her gentle core remains. However, it is bestrewn with the armaments of a well-provisioned heart.


Medium: Wood, Brass, Bone
Dimensions: 15” x 7”  
Price: $2,100

Dakhini is the “sky-goer”, a goddess, demon, purveyor of power and giver of boons. She protects, procures, and transmutes forms into power.